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All about the ETHDam Hackathon 👾

Check out the logistics, our amazing wifi and about crashing at the venue. As well as the hackathon rules, the Otter Track and important timeline!


ETHDam is the perfect mix of a conference and hackathon bringing together the best Privacy and Security builders. Hosted for the 2nd time at Pakhuis de Zwijger, in Amsterdam on the 12-14 of April 2024.



The Tickets 🎫

  • Hackers do not need to purchase a ticket.

  • Hackers need to apply to hack via Taikai and will be approved in 3 waves:

  • Wave 1 - 29th of Jan 

  • Wave 2 - 26th of Feb 

  • Wave 3 - 25th of March

  • Once approved hackers will be able to redeem their free hacker ticket on Moongate.

  • Regular attendees need to purchase their Early Shrimp tickets, only available until the end of January (before we jump to Dolphin).

  • Plan your trip to Amsterdam using TravelSwap and book your stay with crypto and get a 5% discount.

The Wifi

  • When organising a hackathon it’s all about the wifi, every minute counts! We battle tested it last year and didn't have any complaints. 💯

The Platforms

  • We are using Taikai and Discord to keep track of all the cats. Taikai serves as our application form and repository of all the projects, while Discord is the best place to ping our team and mentors for any help.

The Mentors

  • This is a call for experienced builders and wise teachers to join the fun, share their knowledge and apply to become a mentor during the hackathon to give in person and online support.

Crashing at PdZ

  • To help our cats make every minute count, hackers can crash overnight at the venue, on Friday and Saturday night.

  • This year, the Silent room will only be available as of 5pm post conference talks. No showers available at the venue, but convenient lockers are available in the basement, and can be used with a 2EUR coin.

The Food 😋

  • We will cover breakfast and lunch for all conference attendees and hackers. Last year we especially loved the coffee cart, the poffertjes and the indonesian skewers. What was your favorite?


The hackathon

  • The hackathon starts on Friday April 12th at 12:00 CET

  • The submission deadline through Taikai is on Sunday April 14th at 12:00 CET

The Rules

  • ETHDam is happening IRL 

  • You cannot copy, use or submit another team's source code

  • The judges decision is final in the determination of prizes

  • Bounties are in the hands of our hackathon partners, which need to reward all their hackers max 2 weeks after ETHDam

  • All code for projects must be written during the event, there can be no previously written code submitted to the judging process

  • All participants must hold a valid hacker ticket for ETHDam for their submission to be considered

  • Please comply with all instructions provided by ETHDam organizers and volunteers, and respect our Code of Conduct

Minimum requirements to be judged   

  • A link to the open-source code;

  • A short demo video and/or presentation to describe the goal and use case of your project and to be used during the Pitches;

  • If applicable, the contract address(es) and/or website urls of your deployed demo/presentation must be provided, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice

The Deliverables   

All Submitted projects on Taikai should have:

  • Project / Team name.

  • Short description about the project.

  • 1 Discord username for the team’s person of contact.

  • Repository with project’s code.

  • Video demo (60 seconds) and Presentation (5 slides max).

  • The contract address(es) or website URLs of your deployed application, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice (NOT mandatory)


The Otter Track

The Otter Track is a special track dedicated to existing projects.

  • Must add at least one feature during the 48 hour hackathon

  • Present and pitch on stage a polished product on Sunday 14th of April

  • Only 1 member needs to be present in person

  • There are no bounties for this track, you are competing for glory and looking for future investments.


The Timeline

15th of March - online

  • 14:00 CET - Pre Hackathon

12th of April - in person

  • 12:00 Hacker Speed Dating & Hackathon Launch

14th of April- in person

  • 12:00 Submission Deadline

  • 17:00 Closing Ceremony Results


Everything else you might need!

  • Are you a hacker? Then you don’t need a ticket, but you will need to apply to hack via Taikai.

  • Not hacking and you still want all the alpha? Purchase your Early Shrimp ticket now, only available until the end of January. Use the discount code "alphareader” for a 10% discount. 🦐

  • Start connecting with fellow hackers, mentors and discover more from our hackathon partners on Discord.

  • You are a wise teacher, eager to share your knowledge with our hacking teams? then apply to become a Mentor.

  • Want to host a side event? Check the rest of the agenda, and list your own Side Event.

  • You work in Privacy and Security and want to share your knowledge, join a panel? Then head to our Speaking application form.

  • You know we host the best event in town? You want to be seen, grow and get involved? Then apply to Partner - cut off date 1st of March.

  • You live in the Netherlands, you love crypto and you want some backstage experience, and join the fun? Then apply to be a volunteer, and help us shape this event!


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