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Our CryptoCanal Team

the team making this shenanigan happen, one block at a time.

What is CryptoCanal?

CryptoCanal is an independent grassroots Ethereum community that hosts meetups in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Zurich.

We focus on the cypherpunk ideals of censorship resistance, privacy, and ownership. We onboard new users to the wonders of crypto every month. We believe cryptocurrencies are a power for good and a tool towards a better financial system.

Everyone is welcome, just pop by at our IRL meetups, join our Telegram, ask questions, get involved. The more you give, the more you get. Our doors are always open, especially for beginners.

We have an authentic community with all kinds of folk, ranging from builders to crypto-curious. CryptoCanal organizes monthly relaxed meetups and CryptoTech events, like the KZG Ceremony or our Privacy talks edition.

"Meetups are where the magic happens. They truly are the best place to learn and grow."

Last year during Devconnect CryptoCanal organized ETHDay and DeFi Day. Two events that were a challenge and a wonderful accomplishment for our little community. This would not have been possible without the support of our local community and army of volunteers.


We had an amazing time and thought, why not ETHDam?

Let's get personal.

The Lovely Talented Multi Faceted Dream Team of CryptoCanal (and I’m not biased at all).

Federico - the CTO Guru - he’s the one you should thank for our cool ticketing system and the technical part of the Hackathon.

Nicoletta - a wondrous Facilitation Goddess - when you don’t know what to do, you ask her and she will give you a detailed email with the steps, and a follow up.

Then we have yours truly - Alina - the Creative Director. Technically, Chief of Marketing, but Creative Director sounds more vague and romantic.

And Eleonore - the crazy Chief Evangelist making this shenanigan happen, one step at a time.

It all goes back to her, returning from DevCon Bogotá 2022, sleep deprived, with a crazy spark in her eyes saying “Let’s do this thing. Let’s make ETHDam happen”.


It’s only the crazy ones that make an 800 people conference happen in the middle of bear market.

photo_2023-04-12 23.37.11.jpeg
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