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ETHDam Ticket Launch! 🌷

ETHDam Early Shrimp tickets are available now!


What is ETHDam?

Building from our experience during Devconnect 2022, when we organised ETHDay and DeFiDay and ETHDam in 2023. We are delighted to welcome you for our 2nd edition of ETHDam our annual conference and hackathon hosted in the heart of Amsterdam and gathering next year the best Privacy and Security builders in April 12-14 2024. 

A Conference and a Hackathon?

Yes, it’s messy intense, and we love it. Mixing, and matching the technical and non technical crowds is a must! In brings the best of both worlds, and that’s when magic occurs.


The Early Shrimp Catches the Tide

It’s happeniiing! We are so excited to finally open our Early Shrimp ticket sale!

It’s always tricky to find the best platform, I wanted the convenience, while also accepting crypto and fiat payments, and I think I found the perfect combination with our ticketing partner for ETHDam; Moongate.

Your ETHDam ticket

  • Grants you access to the whole conference, during the 12-14 of April 2024

  • Access to the main stage and second stage, with all the talks, panels and workshops

  • Access to the networking, booth area from our partners 

  • Catering during the whole conference (dinner not included)

  • Last but not least, access to the ETHDam after party on Sunday 14th of April! 


  • The ticket price includes 21% VAT as well as the platform fee

  • You are able to purchase the ticket using crypto or fiat

  • The prices will go up, as we sell out and get closer to the date

  • There's is no special privileges between Early Shrimp, Dolphin and Whale tickets, only the price varies

  • Dolphin will go for sale as of the 1st of February and Whale as of the 1st of March

Fun fact about Shrimps 🦐

Cleaning shrimp make a short dance while waving their white antennae to entice fish. (super cute right?) They reside in small crevices or caves on Australia’s coastal reefs, where they serve as what is known as “cleaning stations.” Different kinds of fish come to the area to cleanse themselves of disease-causing parasites, which is something the shrimp eat for free. 

Now picture this, one or more shrimp will move towards the possible creature as they arrive, swaying side-to-side in a dance that indicates the shrimp are ready for cleaning. A cleaner shrimp successfully charms a new type every time it dances. Because some fish are more sensitive to moving things, the shrimp’s dance may make them more noticeable to fish looking to be cleaned. A limited number of people, who are now more knowledgeable about shrimps and if they use the DOTHESHRIMPDANCE code will get a 10% discount.


Everything else!

  • Are you a hacker? Then you don’t need a ticket, but you will need to apply to hack via Taikai.

  • You loved ETHDam last year, and you want to speak? Then head of to our speaking application form.

  • You know we host the best event in town? You want to be seen, grow and get involved? Then apply to partner, the sooner the better!

  • You live in the Netherlands, you love crypto and you want some backstage experience, and join the fun? Then apply to be a volunteer, and help us shape this event!

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