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ETHDam Tickets

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The early shrimp catches the tide


available from 1/12/23  to 31/01/24



So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


available from 1/02/24  to 29/02/24


An informal group
within the infraorder Cetacea


available from 1/03/24  to 12/04/24


Your ETHDam ticket

  • Grants you access to the whole conference, during the 12-14 of April 2024

  • Access to the main stage and second stage, with all the talks, panels and workshops

  • Access to the networking, booth area from our partners 

  • Catering during the whole conference (dinner not included)

  • Last but not least, access to the ETHDam after party on Sunday 12th! 


  • The ticket price includes 21% VAT as well as the platform fee

  • You are able to purchase the ticket using crypto or fiat

  • The prices will go up, as we sell out and get closer to the date

  • There's is no special privileges between shrimp, dolphin and whale tickets, only the price varies

ETHDam Volunteering and Student Scholarship

  • We encourage those who can't afford a full ticket, to get involved with ETHDam and apply to Volunteer. Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn, make friends and get to know the backstage. 

  • Otherwise, if you are a student, and really can not volunteer during ETHDam, than you can also apply for a full Scholarship.


Regular attendees need to purchase a ticket - Shrimp, Dolphin

or Whale


Do not need to purchase a ticket, instead apply to hack.

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