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The Hackathon will bring together people who are interested in developing and building new open source software, applications, or systems dedicated DeFi and Privacy. During this 2 day in person hackathon, participants working in teams will prototype and build new working solutions.

Hackathon Tracks

DeFi & Privacy Track

Compete in the DeFi and Privacy track - 15K 

The top 10 project selected by our Jury will be able to pitch on the mains stage. 

We will run a Quadratic Fund for this specific track. 


Compete for bounties from our hackathon partners.

🦄 1inch - 20K

💙 Sismo - 10K 

🔫 Railgun - 10K 

📜 Scroll - 10K 

💚 Aleph Zero - 10K 

Winner and prizes are determined by our partners. 

All Stars Track⭐️

Previous winners of ETH hackathons can register to compete in the All Stars Track. All Stars Projects will be able to present their polished project, in person, on the main stage, Sunday 21st of May 2023.


All Stars Track ⭐️

The All Stars Track is a never done or seen before hackathon track, a champions league if you will, of experienced hackers, runner ups and winners of past ETH hackathons.

We want to inspire hackers to keep building. If they’ve won a track in the past, they collect the win, but many drop the project the moment real life hits. How many great ideas have gone wasted?

We want to resuscitate those teams, give them time to build on top of their past winning projects starting 19th of April, and give them an opportunity to present a polished product on the main stage of ETHDam on the 21st of May. Only one team member is needed IRL.

Although this track has no bounties, ETHDam provides support of knowledgable mentors, valuable advice and an access to a pool of investors.

Don't miss this opportunity, to fight for glory and build the future of crypto. ​​

Questions? Not sure if you qualify? Reach out in our Discord



All hackers need to make an account on Taikai.


All teams must submit their projects at 14:00 CET on Sunday 21st. 

Team of max 4 people 


Join the Discord channel dedicated to the hackathon


Present yourself, get familiar with the channels. Find other team mates to hack and have fun in Amsterdam. 



Join us online, April 19th at 5pm CET (Discord) get to know other hacker, start teambuilding and get to know our hackathon partners. 


Meet IRL, May 19th at 4pm CET. Complete your team and meet our hackathon partners IRL to be the most prepared for ETHDam. 

Have fun 🤗

Have fun, collaborate and learn as much as you can! Hackathons are a great opportunity to challenge yourself and push your skills to the next level. 

Hackathon Judges

Hackathon Mentors

We stand for the cypherpunk ideals of privacy, ownership and censorship resistance. In a world, where technology is increasingly being used to track and monitor individuals, we dedicate ETHDam to discuss the importance of privacy and anonymity.

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