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Conference and hackathon gathering the best Privacy and Security builders at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, that took place in April 12-14 2024. 

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  • What is ETHDam?
    ETHDam is a conference and hackathon hosted for the 2nd time in Amsterdam, at Pakhuis de Zwijger on the 12-14 of April 2024! This edition is dedicated to ZK and Security. We look forward to welcome you as a hacker or as a conference guest! 🤗
  • Who is behind ETHDam?
    CryptoCanal has been offering education, events and consultancy services since 2019. We started organising larger conference since Devconnect 2022, with ETHDay and DeFiDay. As a result, the first edition of ETHDam was born in 2023, and was dedicated to DeFi and Privacy, in 2024 we will be hosting the second edition ETHDam. Everything is powered by a small, tight team of passionate people wanting to leave their mark in this beautiful decentralised ecosystem, by bringing people together and organising powerful hackathons. Federico - All the tech, Hackathon Master Nicoletta - Coordination glue, in charge of the Hacker Speed Dating and Volunteers Eleonore - CryptoCanal Founder and in charge of BD, Production and Content. + an army of volunteers, mentors, advisors and enthusiasts, helping us shape this conference and hackathon for you.
  • What about the food??
    We know, this is THE MOST important factor for you all! Just like during our first edition, we will offer drinks, and catering to all attendees and hackers. In the morning and throughout the day, you will have some refreshing beverages and small snacks at the tea & coffee station inside, outside in the yard, you can find the best coffee served at the dedicated Coffee food truck! For lunch, you can expect a variety of food trucks outside, as well as a lunch buffet inside the venue. at 5pm, expect a traditional Dutch borrel, with snacks and beers for all 🍻 Dinner is reserved to the hackers only (which can also crash and hack all night)
  • Can I recruit at ETHDam?
    This is reserved for our hackathon partners. Please respect the dedicated hackathon areas which are reserved for hackers, don't bug them (they have enough bugs to solve).
  • Can I leave a few flyers on the tables to advertise my group/event/company?
    Only if you are part of one of the sponsors of the event. They are the only ones who have permission to do that, depending on their sponsorship tier.
  • Should I arrange for a place to stay?
    Hackers will be able to crash at the venue on Saturday and Sunday night. Everyone else should make their own arrangements for accommodation. Please note that Amsterdam has plenty of tourism all year round, which means high occupation in hotels and hostels, so try and book your reservations in advance (=book ASAP). We’ve partnered with TravelSwap to make your stay in Amsterdam more convenient! Use the code "ETHDam" for a 5% discount at checkout. Alternatively, we made a p2p Housing Tool, try your luck, maybe someone can host you!
  • Who can attend?
    In theory everyone. In practice, you will need to go through a rigorous application process - fill out a form and wait nervously for our reply. ​ We are happy to see all kinds of crypto-folk at our event, but the priority will be given to DeFi and Privacy buidlers. ​ If you are under 18 at the time of the event, you are allowed to participate, but your parent/legal guardian must agree to our application waiver. For under 18 application please shoot us a personal email at so we can assist you.
  • What's TravelSwap?
    We’ve partnered with TravelSwap ( to make your stay in Amsterdam more convenient! You can now easily book your accommodation in with crypto! Use the code "ETHDam" for a 5% discount at checkout and make your reservations now! ✈️
  • Do you pay for the attendee's' transportation and/or accommodation costs?
    No. However, there may be discounts and other partnerships. If so, these will be announced in the months leading to the event, so make sure you follow us in one of the social networks where we're present.
  • How much does ETHDam cost to attend?
    ETHDam is free to attend for all approved hackers, speakers, mentors and volunteers. ​ The attendee tickets are on sale on our website, grab one now before the price goes up!
  • I was accepted to ETHDam, can I bring my mum, or my mates, or my mates mum?
    No. All applicants must apply individually, wether to attend or to hack.
  • Do I get a participation certificate at the end?
    Have you heard of POAPs? You will be able to claim yours at the conference, spot the tablets and scan and redeem your unique "NFT".
  • Do you provide visa invitation letters?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide visa invitation letters.
  • I bought a ticket / got accepted, but can't attend the event, what do I do?
    Please let us know. Spots are limited and it would be nice if another candidate could go instead.


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